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You can achieve physical and mental strength through a flexible weights-base exercise programme.

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With regular exercise comes confidence, resilience, and a strong foundation to achieve your personal goals.

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Helping You

Helping you to find flexible ways to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle is how I can help you achieve this transformation in your mental and physical health. As a wife, mum to two gorgeous, vivacious girls and personal trainer, I know how busy feels.

Over 25 years in the fitness industry I’ve seen time and time again how developing the mental and physical skills you need to achieve a strong, healthy body is the foundation for success in many other areas of your life.

It’s worth negotiating the busy in life to give ourselves time to exercise regularly.

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Inspiring You

A strong, athletic body that moves efficiently and without pain.

Working with you, tailoring an individual approach to your fitness in my one-to-one, group or online classes, I can inspire and guide you to lift weights with confidence. I’m based on the North Shore of Auckland and that’s where I can see you in person, one-to-one or in groups. But my online classes mean I can help you wherever in the world you are.

At 7 years old I mastered the one handed press-up and handstand push-ups as part of my gymnastics training, at 14 I had a pull-up bar on my door and a mini dumbbell set, at 18 years old I competed in my first World Championships.

Two years later I competed at my first Commonwealth Games as an Olympic Weightlifter in the under 48kg class. Twelve years of training saw me breaking over 40 national records competing across three weight classes for both the UK and New Zealand.

I can help inspire and guide you to develop the mental and physical capabilities to achieve a strong, healthy body, because I believe this is the foundation for success and happiness. 

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Guiding You

Why choose a weights-based programme?

Strong for me use to be about breaking records. Now, being strong has become more about building a body and mind-set that can step up to any physical challenge that life, and my girls, throw at me without having to stop and consider whether I'm up to it.

My two passions in fitness are lifting weights and Pilates. Both train the mind and body to be strong and resilient to withstand the challenges that life throws at us.

It’s seeing these strengths develop in the women I train that inspires me every day.

Through my experiences and those that have been passed on to me by others, I can help you break through the stereotypes, fears and beliefs you may have about lifting weights.

By bring Olympic weightlifting techniques into your weekly workouts, whatever your fitness goal, you can experience the benefits in a safe and effective way.

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Feel Safe

25 years of experience helping women achieve their goals

Twenty five years ago I started as a fitness instructor in the UK. But quickly what was a career became my passion and I gained advanced level qualifications in strength training, Pilates, nutrition, weight management, pre- and post-natal exercise, GP exercise referrals and rehabilitation. And helping women exercise without worry of injury is where my happy place is.

I also love working with athletes to enhance their performance, general exercisers wishing to lose fat, correct muscle imbalances and improve their heath. 

Half of my career has been spent ‘training the trainers’, working with Fitness Training Providers to develop and deliver courses to budding coaches - educating, assessing and mentoring them as they build their path in the fitness industry.  

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Get in Touch!

I’d love to help you achieve physical and mental strength.
If you’d like to find out more about my online flexible weights-based exercise plans, one-to-one personal training sessions or group programmes just drop me a line below.

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