Online Personal Training with Kate Saynor

Online Personal Training

Exercise, Track, Connect, Progress

Custom training and nutrition plans delivered right to your phone.  Real-time progress tracking and in-app messaging means you can stay motivated, accountable and connected to me, your Personal Trainer. Join the community to celebrate your successes and engage with others just like you!


StrongFitWomen Free Community

This group is for you if you want to:

  • Be part of an awesome, supportive community of women who all want to get a bit fitter, stronger and leaner

  • Get free weekly workouts that fit into your busy day

  • Learn how to lift weights safely

  • Get tips on keeping exercise and healthy eating real 

  • Be inspired and motivated to exercise


"I love using Kate's online training tools. It's just like having her there with me in the gym and it's great for tracking progress. Plus it helps keep me on track when I might have skipped a session in the past."

James Russell


Online Training Options

Train with your Personal Coach anytime, anywhere


Strong Fit Women Online

From $4.60 per week

  • Monthly workouts and training plan

  • Live workouts 

  • Training App - view workouts, log sessions, track progress

  • Video exercise library

  • Accountability - notifications, reminders and check-ins 

  • Fitness progress measures 

  • Individual nutritional targets

  • Monthly group coaching calls

  • Extra group support

Ideal if you need a little extra push, accountability and to guarantee results!

One-to-One Online

$97 per month

  • Skype/Telephone consultation 

  • Goal setting and lifestyle screening

  • Customized monthly workouts

  • Training App

  • Video exercise library

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Monthly reviews via telephone

  • Individual support 

  • Monitoring and feedback from me, your Personal Trainer

Ideal if you want a more individual and personalized experience for faster results, or due to injury or medical conditions.

"Woah this is awesome! What a great app, love the workouts!"

Bex Helikema, dropped 3 dress sizes for her wedding.


Why Use an Online Trainer?

Using a Personal Trainer can be one of the best decisions you make to reach your health and fitness goals. They’ll teach you how to exercise safely and find a training style that really suits you and your body – mentally and physically. However sometimes, even when you’ve found the right Personal Trainer, cost or scheduling clashes can make it difficult to pin down regular sessions. Here’s where online personal training comes in – it’s convenient, cost-effective and makes personal training accessible. But that’s not the only reasons to use online training, which can be used either alone or combined with face-to-face training. Check out some of the other benefits.


Free Trial?

Still not sure?  Why not sign up for a free trial? Test out some workouts, see the features in action, become a part of our community, make contact with your Personal Trainer and discover this new way of reaching your goals.


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