5 Steps to Guaranteed Weight Loss

This e-book takes you through an 8-week weight loss program. I share with you the exact process I used to follow to guarantee weight loss for my Olympic Weightlifting competitions which saw me compete at 3 Commonwealth Games, the World Championships, European Championships and break over 30 National Records across three different nations.  


"The truth is, that weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. It can be just a series of steps you follow and the results are guaranteed to happen."

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Jacqui's Story

"Thank you, Kate! I just went out and bought a new belt and two new pairs of jeans in size 8! I've lost 7 kg and am finally getting back to where I was pre-children by following this." 

Jacqui also reduced her waist by 9 cm, her hips by 5 cm and her thighs by 3 cm. Her cholesterol went from high, to within the normal range.  Jacqui did all of this by following my 5-Steps, which are outlined in my e-book. 


"I’ve lost weight more times than I can remember during my 10-year international lifting career. A few times losing over 15% of my bodyweight.  

As a weightlifter losing weight is part of the game. You become extremely good at it, timing it perfectly since the consequences of miss-timed weight loss could mean the loss of a record, a medal and a waste of the last 4 years of training."

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What you'll get

Download my e-book and you'll get:

  • An extensive, 23-page full color, fillable workbook

  • Week-by-week guidance with clear actionable steps

  • Real life examples

  • Extra tips that I use myself

  • Lifetime access to the workbook - you’ll receive any major updates or improvements. 

The steps are simple and endorsed by the nutritionists that worked with me and it guaranteed weight loss. 

Are you in?