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Rehab Personal Training

Rehab Personal Training

Reduce Pain, Prevent Injury

As an Accredited Rehab Trainer, I can help you deal with the litany of small niggling injuries that plague the gym-floor and everyday life – backs, knees, shoulders, elbows and more. We will look at poor bio-mechanics and muscle imbalances that may be causing your current pain and then go through a process of release, lengthen, activation and integration to help improve muscle control and stability – your stepping stone towards pain-free movement. Packages from $60/session (30-min), $95/session (45-min).

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What Does Rehab Mean For You?

As an exercise professional, nothing is more important to me than maintaining your training momentum. But, the one thing guaranteed to slam on the brakes is – injury. Whether it’s an aching back, a niggly knee or a shoulder twinge,  injury presents a turning point in your training.  Being an Accredited Rehab Trainer I have the skills to more effectively assess, rehabilitate and prevent low risk injuries from developing during your training, meaning you spend more time training for your next fitness goal. Read on to find out more about the rehabilitation process.

Rehab Personal Training: Services


Observing Functional Movement

Your injury will be assessed and classified as either ‘high risk’ or ‘low risk’, determining if it can be trained through or whether it needs to be trained around. We will then evaluate your movement patterns, specifically looking to identify any poor body positioning, technique or biomechanics.  Muscle imbalances and red flags for injury will be noted and a rehab plan created for you. Note that this is very different from the complex 'diagnostic' process that you would receive from a physiotherapist and is not to be confused.

Physical Therapist


Reducing Tension & Stiffness

Myofascial release techniques and trigger pointing will be used on the areas identified as being overactive or shortened to reduce muscular tension, relieve muscle soreness and improve circulation. Static stretches and neuromuscular stretching techniques will be used to then lengthen the muscles, reduce stiffness and increase range of motion.

Reducing Pain by Trigger Point and Myofascial Release


Strengthening Weak Muscles

You’ll be introduced to the ground-breaking concept, ‘Stability Muscle Activation Via Tubing’, that is applied to each body area to improve muscle control and stability of joints, fast-tracking you towards your goal-exercise. In addition you’ll be guided through some simple activation drills using Swiss balls, resistance bands, exercise steps and other gym equipment which are easy to perform in the gym environment as part of your warm up and cool down.

Activation Drills for Rehab


Blending Into Training

To blend these changes into training and progress you towards optimal movement you’ll be given ‘stepping stone’ exercises that you can perform pain-free and with the opportunity to re-train your movement dysfunctions.  With consistency and carefully planned progressions you’ll move confidently towards your goal exercise, improved movement patterns and enhanced performance.

Kettle Ball Squats

"Great news! Got the all-clear from my consultant to return to work and he was really pleased with what I’ve achieved in 6 months due in part to you! So just wanted to thank you for the time invested in me over the last few weeks."

Sharon Bonfield

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