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Use the coupon code FLASH2023 at checkout to get 40% off your first year.

Available to new members only.

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Become strong, fitter and leaner with a weights-based, mind set-focused programme that you can fit around your busy life.

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Train in a new way

Wondering how to fit regular exercise into your lifestyle?

You know that regular exercise not only does wonders for your mood and emotional foundations it also gives your body the strength it needs to achieve all the goals you have.

All too often, though, it ends up in the too hard basket!

Strong. Fit. Women is a flexible, app-based accountability and training group for women like you.

For less than a gym membership, you can train at home with adaptable workouts that work around your lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

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Become a Strong Fit Women Member and you'll benefit from:

Full support, progress monitoring and accountability provided by me, Kate, your personal trainer.

Workout plans for 3-4 sessions a week that you can do where ever you are

Training app to view workouts, log sessions and track your progress

Coaching videos so we can tailor your workout sessions to your needs

Live weekly training sessions so you can hang out with me in a virtual group

HIIT, Strength, Pilates, Conditioning, Toning, Fat loss, Stretch workouts and more!

Weekly wellness challenges to keep you focused

Access to my exercise video library

Individual nutrition targets to fit your goals

A private group support forum

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Three steps to become a stronger, fitter woman

Step 1

Click below and sign up!
*No contracts, get started today.

Step 2

Keep an eye on your inbox for details of how to access the workouts.

Step 3

Begin your journey to a stronger, fitter, leaner you!

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"I trained with Kate before my wedding and because of her training program and nutritional advice I was able to wear an awesome "booty dress”.



"Since I started training online I've remained consistently exercising which is the first time I think I've managed that ever!"



"I am fitter, stronger, and feel awesome. I have no aches or pains and I have so much more energy than I've ever had. I had my first dress fitting in August and ordered a size 12. By December it was altered to a size 8!"


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Build Strength and Confidence

Develop strength, fitness and a strong mind-set as I guide you through my signature Olympic Fusion Training that brings functional exercise and Olympic Weightlifting techniques into health and fitness using kettlebells and dumbbells. Become proud of what your body can do and gain a confidence that carries over into all other areas of your life.

Be In It Together

Become a part of our community of women on their journey towards a stronger more athletic body. Receive support and encouragement in our Facebook Group. Stay motivated and inspired during our Live Workouts. Receive feedback during coaching calls and train as a group via the App, knowing that others who are doing it too are there to push you, support you and give you the courage to try.

Bad Ass Your Body

Tone and sculpt your body with individual nutritional targets and by following my workout plans that are athletic, varied and fun. See measurable physical changes from our 8-week challenges each of which focus on a different element of fitness. Join our team of Strong Fit Women who now describe their bodies as “Bad Ass”.

Stay Accountable and Consistent

Staying consistent can be a challenge when life pressures bear down. We’ll build strategies to overcome these barriers so you stay consistent. You'll remain accountable through the App knowing I'm following your progress online, and with scheduled workouts, reminders and check-ins you’ll never forget a workout and find it much easier to stay on track despite life’s hiccups that can get in the way of training.

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"I always start things and never seem to finish or carry on, but with these workouts I find them fun and I look forward to them and I think that's why it's so easy to keep going. Thanks Kate you are amazing."


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"I’m feeling better already! I just feel so motivated to exercise now. I have never, never felt this motivated before. I think the fact that Kate's workouts aren’t too long, we can see her workout with us, minimizing risk of injury. And she explain what muscles we are building and how that can benefit us is just fantastic. I cannot thank her enough for not only amazing workouts but for her as a person. She has a lovely, genuine and compassionate nature, you really feel her with you on your journey. I am so happy to have found Kate and her program"


I just want to pass on how positive, energised and confident I feel! Loving this journey. Thank you! Best money spent on myself in a long time! I have some actual definition to my legs and my arms and shoulders feel toned / in shape. What a feeling it gives you! I’ve had a total mind shift. I could write all night I feel that invigorated about it."


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Individual results may vary. We suggest you talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan.

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How do I sign up?

To get started right away, click HERE and you'll be taken through to the sign-up page. Use the coupon code FLASH2023 to nab the 40% off discount on your first year. 

How long are your workouts?

Full workouts are designed to be 20-30 minutes long. However, if you've only 10 or 15 minutes to workout then no problem - guidance is given on how to shorten the workouts to fit into your busy life!

How often do I need to workout?

Each training plan consists of 4 x 20-30 minute workouts. Guidance is provided on how to structure these sessions whether you want to train 2, 3, or 4 times each week!  For best results, I recommend you workout 3-4 times a week.

Can I personalize my workouts?

Yes! It's easy to substitute an exercise or omit one if it's not right for you. You can also ask for alternatives and advice on exercise swaps during the Live workouts and monthly coaching calls, as well as through the messaging tool in the App.

What equipment do I need?

You can start the program with just a single pair of dumbbells! However, for best results so that you train most effectively and at the right intensity, I recommend you have a pair of dumbbells for the lower body exercises, a pair of dumbbells for the upper body exercises and a kettlebell.

What weight dumbbells do I need?

For the lower body exercises, most women find a weight between 4-6 kg suitable. For the upper body exercises, most women find a weight between 2-4 kg suitable. Your specific weight selection will depend on your own level of fitness, skill and strength.

Which kettlebell is right for me?

If you're new to kettlebell training a 6 kg kettlebell is usually recommended as a good starting load. If you've some experience then an 8 kg kettlebell should offer a more suitable challenge. Experienced lifters with a good base level of strength could try a 12 kg kettlebell.

Can I track my progress?

Yes! The training App provides the perfect tool for you to track your progress through your workouts, as well as see your physical changes. You'll see yourself getting stronger, getting fitter, becoming leaner and changing shape as you develop consistency in your workouts - all of which can be tracked through the App's features!

Do I need to be on Facebook?

No. It's not essential that you're on Facebook to do the workouts. You'll have access to the training App where you can view your workout plans, track your progress, access the video exercise library and contact me. Our Live workouts and coaching calls are also streamed via Zoom.

What’s your cancellation policy?

There are no contracts and you can cancel any time. I just ask that you give me 7 days notice before your next payment is due to process the cancellation.

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Get in Touch!

I’d love to help you achieve physical and mental strength.
If you’d like to find out more about my online flexible weights-based exercise plans, one-to-one personal training sessions or group programmes just drop me a line below.

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