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Free Coronavirus Home Fitness Resources

I've been actively working on resources that you can use to help keep you active, healthy and calm while at home during this lockdown period.

I'll be working on more tips, workouts in the coming weeks (anyone fancy a workout to keep your kids entertained?!) but I hope these go some way towards helping you stay moving!

Many of these resources also sit inside my free fitness community, which has A TONNE MORE free workouts and resources to help you, so make sure you join us there!


Home Fitness Tool Kit: This kit includes resources to help manage stress, boost your nutrition and takes you through 5 x home workouts of 15 minutes - Toning, Strengthening, Cardio, Core and Flexibility.

Home-Based Warm-up: A video taking you through a simple warm-up to prepare your body for the other workouts. Beginner and Advanced options.

10 min Fat Burning Workout: No equipment needed. This bodyweight routine was recorded for my free community to help boost your fitness and strip fat. Beginner and advanced level options provided.

Full Body Home Strength & Toning Workout: This 35-minute session from my Facebook Page was recorded specifically for the people in my local community. You'll be taking through a warm-up, conditioning workout and stretches.

Pilates Stretch and Strengthen Routine: A 25 minute Classical Pilates routine that will take you through all the key elements for a healthy body and spine, as created by Joseph Pilates.

Resistance Band Training Workshop: 20 exercises explained and demonstrated with guidance on how to put these together to create your own home workout routine.


Immunity-Boosting Checklist: Download this check sheet to ensure you are doing all you can to stay safe.

Stress Management Guide: A complete how-to guide packed with tips, actionable strategies, and resources to help you lower your stress levels.

Healthy Snacks Cookbook: A complete guide with snack swaps, portion control tips and recipes that are healthy, easy to make, and super delicious!

12 Tips to Boost Your Motivation: A chat with my community sharing 12 tried and tested tips for boosting your motivation to exercise, whatever the situation.

I hope they help! Remember if there is something you need that is NOT on this list, then get in touch and let me know!

Have you heard?

I am also offering my home workout memberships with week-by-week options right now:

Get in touch if you'd like more info about either of these, at info@myrehabfitness.com / www.myrehabfitness.com Stay well everyone! Kate x


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