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How Does Online Personal Training Work and Could It be For You?

Online training used to be new, but with our lives getting busier and more and more people struggling to with the logistics of meeting up with trainers, online training is proving a popular way to get guidance while getting fit.

I started the Strong Fit Women Online Program a year ago now. I started it because all my face-to-face spaces were full and I had ladies in my classes requesting training. It seemed such a waste of their motivation not to have something to offer them, so we came up with Strong Fit Women Online.

It's awesome! And so are the results the women are getting.

But what makes Strong Fit Women different from the other online training options out there? Aren't they all the same with a few live workouts and a bit of training?

Hmm, well no.

Because my background is in fitness education as well as Personal Training, Strong Fit Women has been set up to not only to give you the guidance and inspiration you need to train on a day-to-day basis, but to also give you skills and knowledge that will help in the longer term so you can sustain habits and make great exercise and nutrition choices even when I'm not right there next to you.

You move, you learn, you build resolve, you succeed.

But there are a few similarities - in that we have live workouts where I can train alongside you, give you tips on technique and talk training, but you get a lot more too (not to mention the 20 years fitness industry experience you get supporting you and over 2 dozen more fitness qualifications to back up the advice I'm giving you).

Here's a little about the workouts

There are 4 workouts a week all accessible from your training app. You can train 2 times, 3 times or 4 times a week depending on how much time you have available. The app has a video exercise library, plus a group chat forum and one of the best bits - you check in for each workout so that you, me and the others can see when you work out. This is great for accountability and motivation, and it's cool to see your progress as it logs.

Every program has a beginner and advanced version and we determine which level is best for you based on your answers to the pre-exercise questionnaire and our chats. We can always switch you over from one to the other as your fitness changes too.

Week to week, the workouts progress to ensure you continue to move forward with your fitness.

Sleep, stress, nutrition, training and rehab - we've got you covered!

For a truly healthy body you need more than just training, which is why the program now includes key elements to help improve your sleep, reduce your stress, improve your nutrition and keep you moving!

Here's the low down on how it all fits together and the extra's that are included.


  • Live workouts - There are 3 live workouts a week. These workouts are based on those in the current training program and they also include Pilates workouts. You can join in Live, do it via the replay or just use the app on your phone for your training.

  • Weekly challenges - There are fun weekly challenges to keep you motivated on a day-to-day basis. These are very light in nature and easy to jump into. For example, it might be to try a new tea, bring out an old spice in your spice rack, try a new stretch, or ask yourself a question.

  • Recipes - Each week you get a new recipe to try and you're welcome to share some of your own.

  • Tips, Resources and Learning - You'll build knowledge week by week through small training tips, extra resources/e-books, and short live videos that I post based on the month's focus. For example, the last month we focused on setting habits in place, getting the basics right and gauging progress. This next month we are focusing on different aspects of nutrition.


  • New workouts - Every month you get new workouts to keep it varied and to keep you inspired and progressing. We have a different fitness focus each month - such as strength, or body sculpting, or fitness for example. All the workouts are accessible via your app and each exercise has a video demonstration, but of course you can also just join in with the Lives.

  • Coaching calls - Once a month we meet online for a monthly coaching call. This is a chance for us to review goals, celebrate successes and go over training questions. We cover a new topic each month kind of like a mini-workshop and you'll come away feeling inspired and with something you can implement straight away to enhance your progress.

  • Workout Playlists - The speed at which you move affects how your body responds to the training, so with that in mind I create a new playlist each time to go with the new programs which you can use to get you in the mood to train and help with tempo of lifting

  • Pilates - To help keep you injury free, you have an album full of Pilates workouts, ranging from 10 minutes to 35 minutes, intro to advanced level so you can find the right routine for you. New ones are added each month through our live workouts giving you the chance to try it alongside me and ask questions.

Your nutrition covered:

  • 28-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan - You'll be set up when you start with a 28-day clean eating meal plan and nutrition targets that are personalized to you - protein, carbs, fat and calories calculated exactly for your body and lifestyle.

  • Meal Prep Guide - A comprehensive planning guide that’s filled with strategies, recipes, and tips for teaching you how to plan and prep your meals. You'll also learn how to save time and money, and learn how to cook ONCE… and eat healthy, delicious meals all week long.

  • Healthy Snacks and Appetizers - Your complete how-to guide to healthy snacks and appetizers, loaded with healthy snack swaps, a portion control guide, quick grab-n-go snack ideas, and 12 incredible snack recipes that are healthy, easy to make, and super delicious.

  • Dining Out Guide - Your cheatsheet for making smart food choices when you go out to eat.

  • Oodles of support - You've direct access to me via the app, the live workouts and coaching calls and the ladies in the group are fabulous so there's heaps of help when you need it.

I hope that gives you a bit of info about what goes on in the program! You can jump on the waiting list at any time to reserve yourself a spot when membership opens.

But if you want to try it out for yourself today, have a go at my 7-DAY FREE FITNESS CHALLENGE. You'll get a feel for the workouts and jump start your health and fitness today.

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