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Should you go gluten-free?

Are you gluten-free? Have you considered going gluten-free? Do you think you should be?

Being gluten and dairy free have become, perhaps, even fashionable these days and as a Personal Trainer there is even a certain pressure to be advocating these sorts of diets to avoid seeming 'behind the times'.

However, as with faddy training methods that come out (remember slider-mats, ab crunch machines, vibrotraining etc), I refuse to be governed by the fitness fashion industry as to what I recommend to clients and instead prefer to take a more scientific approach, researching for myself, as well as relying on the 5 nutrition courses I have under my bent (two in Nutrition and Weight Management and one each in in Pre- and Post-natal, Childhood Obesity and Prevention and Nutrition for Sports and Exercise).

Just this morning I was reading this article from the Guardian regarding gluten. Have a read if it's a point of interest. It makes some interesting points.

Do I agree with it?

I'm a fact-base person so I'd usually follow the scientific argument with the biggest case. However, more importantly I'd suggest becoming more tuned in with your body and the messages it gives you following consumption of different foods and making up your own mind about what is best for you (under the guidance of a trained health professional). Our bodies are so different which means there's no 'one size fits all' approach. Some will tolerate gluten well, others will feel better without. The same goes for dairy, nuts, caffeine and other common bowel irritants.

As a coach, rather than prescribe specific diets, I see my role more as helping you find the specific eating approach that works for you, by offering information, guidance, and ways to learn to read the messages your body is telling you and then help you come up with interesting ways to eat right using this information.

What's your experience with gluten, dairy or other triggers? Do you know your body's tell-tale signs that something isn't right for you?

Train smart everyone!


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