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What does your PT really eat?

Personal trainers are notorious for talking about food! We love to eat it, we love to research it and we love to talk about it. You’ll hear us use words like ‘whole foods’, ‘clean eating’ and phrases like ‘earning your carbs’. As part of our food talk, clients often ask us for ideas on what to eat and when. Great! Let’s talk about some of the foods you feel are less than healthy in your diet and options for healthier alternatives. It’s here that the “Do people really eat that stuff?” look starts to creep over their faces.

In an attempt to uncover real, but varied approaches to healthy eating, I asked two Personal Trainer friends of mine to log a day’s food intake. I asked them on a whim, with little warning and specifically requested that they log the next day’s eating with the intention of getting a snapshot of what they really eat on a day-to-day basis as part of their healthy lifestyle.You’ll see that each trainer opts for a different approach to their eating depending on their training goals, nutrition beliefs, lifestyle commitments and what they have found works best for their own bodies. Food is individual and what works for one might not work for another so take time to experiment with the best approach for you. The important thing though is to keep it real, whole, unprocessed and consistent.

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