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How to choose the best workout music

Recently in my client Facebook group, we were talking about how to get yourself in the mood to train when, well, you're just not.

I use music mostly - that, and putting on my favourite gym gear.

As far as what music I go for, the trick is to match the speed of music to your activity & Heart Rate. For HIIT workouts I go for faster music of around 145-160bpm. For strength work, a little slower at around 125bpm.

As far as style, for me it depends on my mood and how heavy I need to lift. HIIT sessions I tend go for cheesy pop/dance. Today it was Black Eye Peas, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, Cascada, Britney and The Weather Girls. (Yeah...don’t judge lol). If I’m going heavy I tend to pick something a bit more aggressive - Heavy metal, Rock, some really basey R&B or Rap with explicit language helps! During competitions, I used to pick music like the Ministry of Sound releases as these were beaty enough to get me in the zone, but not too distracting so as to take away my focus.

Try a few styles out and notice what effect it has on your mood then use it when you need it.

So tell me, what did you listen to today in your gym session?


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