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Sleep and weight loss

Not enough sleep can dramatically affect your chances of optimal body composition (fat levels). Sometimes even just fixing a person's sleep patterns can be all they need to get their weight back on track due to its affect on cortisol, the stress hormone.

This morning I woke up naturally, by myself, when my body was ready to face the world and had enough rest. It feels AMAZING. Our not-so-little Indie is sleeping through from 7pm to 630am a good few nights a week now. It feels crazy to think she's nearly 14 months old, then add to that the last 3 months of pregnancy when you can pretty much right-off a solid night's sleep and that's nearly a year and a half since I've had regular, uninterrupted sleep and I really feel the difference today.

  • Do you get uninterrupted sleep at night? (Or are you waking)

  • Are you getting the recommended 7-8 hours sleep each night?

  • Are you in bed a good few hours before midnight? (There's an affect on your hormones and quality of sleep if you don't)

If you're not getting uninterrupted sleep, are not sleeping long enough or are not getting in the hours in before midnight you won't be getting the quality of sleep needed for a healthy, rested mind and body. If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, it may be worth us focusing on your sleep habits to help get you back on track. Contact me to chat more about how I can help through a series of actions that are easily to implement right away.


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