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5 Steps to Guaranteed Weight Loss

Last week was horrible. A complete challenge to me physically and mentally as a gastro bug swept through the house, first hitting baby Indie, followed by me and then finally Skye, our 4 year old. Why so tough? Apart from the obvious issue that being sick (for me anyway) is one of the worse feelings to handle – I’m complete useless when I feel sick - my husband is also away this month so at one point I was trying to comfort one child and play with another all the while walking around with a bucket in the hand waiting for my own next episode of sickness.

Anyway enough of the gory details…why am I sharing this?

During the course of those 4 days I lived on toast, rice, pasta, biscuits, crackers and vege broth. It’s about all I could stomach to keep up my energy. I’ve lost nearly 3 kg.

Because I’d not eaten any protein and not done any resistance training I know that some of the weight loss will be lean muscle mass and of course much will be water, but a week later half of it is still off because I’ve kept up a very clean diet exercising portion control. I’ve basically been afraid to eat too much and get too adventurous! The whole process reminded me that at the end of the day when ‘energy in’ is less than ‘energy out’ you will lose weight – fact.

Of course, we should try to eat a healthy diet full of nutrients, and it has been proven that for the same calories of healthy vs. processed food your body will react differently (as explained so well in the movie “That Sugar Film), but...

Often we try to over complicate things and look for other reasons why we are not losing weight (if that’s your goal). “I’m eating healthily, I should be losing weight”, “But I cut out alcohol this week so why haven’t I lost weight”. “I haven’t eaten that much so not sure what’s going on” and so on. But the hard truth is that sometimes we just need to cut out the rubbish, eat a few more veges, eat a bit less overall and move a bit more. Then the results will happen.

So I started thinking about the process I used to successfully follow to lose weight for my Olympic Weightlifting competitions. I’ve lost weight more times than I can remember during my 10-year internationally lifting career. A few times I had to lose over 15% of my bodyweight.

As a weightlifter losing weight is part of the game. You become extremely good at it, timing it perfectly so that you avoid losing it too early or too late since the consequences of miss-timed weight loss could be the loss off a record, a medal and a waste of the last 4 years of training.

In my latest e-book I take you through my exact process for losing weight. It’s simple, it’s endorsed by the nutritionists that worked with me and it is guaranteed to work.

Do you want in? Great! I'm keen to share the message and help out as many people as possible regain control of their diets, feel good about themselves again and help them better support their training through good nutrition. If you would like to learn more about the steps I followed then sign up here to be kept up to date about when the next 5 Steps to Guaranteed Weight Loss Program is running.

Train smart everyone!


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