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Are you listening to yourself?

Today, I giggled to myself as our little baby Indie, threw her cup and spoon on the floor as a statement of completion after breakfast. I wondered at first if this was just one of her regular games of 'drop and watch us pick it up', but this time she really was done.

I thought to myself how great children and babies are at listening to their hunger cues and eating when they need and not when they are full. I have to catch myself sometimes when I see one of my children finish with just a single mouthful left on their plate. "Come on finish your plate" or "Just one more mouthful" I'm about to say and then I stop myself since it's these sorts of words uttered through our childhood that start to ingrain habits that blur out the real messages from our bodies. We start to learn that we need to clear our plates, instead of stopping when we are 'satisfied. Ask yourself - when was the last time you left just a single mouthful on your plate because you had had enough? I'd love to know if ANY of you do that?

Pat on the back to you if you do. You're listening to your body, registering your hunger cues and stopping when you have truly eaten all that you need.

On the subject of that, how much do we need? Here's a nice guide - on a scale of 1-10 the idea is to eat until you reach a 7, that is, until you are 'satisfied, not full. Try it this week and let me know over on my Facebook page how you got on!


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