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Maximize muscle size

Maximizing size is very different from maximizing strength. Strength should definitely be cycled into your program but you do need to give the body a break and in this break you could focus on muscle hypertrophy (size) or muscular endurance.

For maximizing muscle size and growth, the key is to focus on smooth contractions, great technique and a longer time under tension.

Smooth movements

Avoid jerking the movements when working for muscle size. The lifting and lowering phases should be done smoothly and move seamlessly from one to the other, under control.

Long time under tension

Aim to lower the weight slowly since ‘time under tension’ is key to muscle growth. Try lifting to a count of 1 and lowering to a count of 4.

Lift with great technique

Keep your technique spot on to get the most out of each contraction. The above two points will help with this. Half contractions will not build maximal muscle size, all they will do is misguidedly boost your own ego! When technique begins to falter, stop and rest before doing your next set.

Try uni-lateral movements

Finally, uni-lateral movements are great for really focusing on a working muscle and therefore getting the most out of the contraction and really maximizing the potential for muscle growth. What we mean here is to train one arm at a time such as a single arm concentration curls, lateral raises one arm at a time or single arm overhead tricep presses.

Train smart everyone!


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