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What could you do if you had to?

The exercise front took a defeat this week, due to having to care for my sick 3-year old. We managed two walks (well I did the walking and she did the sleeping in the pram), one workout towards the end of the week when she was back at daycare and a short 20 min workout mid-week once the kids had gone to bed. I was itching to train, but as soon as one child was settled the other needed me. At one point, in the height of the sickness-bug phase, I had Indie in one arm breastfeeding and my other hand was holding a sick bucket for Skye and puke all over my leg. Lovely!

I was telling a friend about this and she commented "it's amazing what you can do when you have to, isn't?" and it got me thinking how this might apply to our health fitness.

I've seen some amazing transformations - one lady losing over 55kg (that's me in bodyweight!), another go from eating a diet full of processed food to becoming a total clean-eater, another client go from suffering with continual back pain to being able to do any workout I threw at them, and a recovering stroke patient who ended up fitter and stronger after the stroke than he was before!

In all of these cases though, these amazing transformations were triggered by a 'had to' event. One person 'had to' lose the weight for medical reasons, another 'had to' start gym to have any chance at being pain free and so on. Making the change was so important to them that they made it happen by committing to do whatever it took. There was no ambivalence in their decision.

So, if you are still struggling with implementing a regular and consistent health and fitness routine, ask yourself this, "On a scale of 1-10, how important is it to me to make these changes?"

If you scored a 7 or above then you are ready to implement them and have a chance of success. If you scored anything less than a 7 then research suggests that you are not going to be successful. When things get tough or something gets in the way, your health and fitness is just not important enough to you to stick with it. The 7 or less scoring suggests that there is still some ambivalence left to explore and you must resolve this before you move on.

As part of my work with clients we find ways to look into this sort of ambivalence and create strategies for guaranteed success. For more info, get in touch!


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