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An honest message

This week I've been chatting to a couple of clients about positive self-talk. It can be so easy to put ourselves down and be unhappy with particular physical appearances of our bodies and I hear it in both men and women.

This week I wanted to share some thoughts on how to keep positive, because the more positive you feel about yourself and what you are doing, the more energy and focus you can put into it (ie your training) as well as other areas of your life, and therefore the more successful you will be. Success breeds success after all!

Focus on what your body can do, not what it looks like

My years of Olympic weightlifting have re-frame how I view my body. It's rarely about what it looks like now, but more about what it can do. During my training phases my size and shape was just a consequence of where I was in the current plan, having been all sorts of body fat percentages from 11% to 28% depending on whether I was about to compete, or trying to gain muscle mass and strength.

Don't get me wrong, I still have frumpy-feeling days (and more of those now I am more heavily pregnant!), but as soon as I get moving I forget about that and regain my focus on my training goal and all the positive feelings come flooding back.

Consider the other immediate rewards

Exercise brings so much more than just muscle and tone to your body. Mentally it helps your body deal with stress, makes you feel calmer, more alert and the extra flood of blood to the brain can be great for problem solving! Next time you've had a great workout, take a few minutes to really think about how it has made you feel. Make a mental note of this and remind yourself of that great feeling next time you are less than positive about heading to training.

Doing something is positive in itself

Whatever your training goal is, or how you feel about yourself, you are helping yourself more by actually training than you are if you sit there beating yourself up about it. Seek expert advice from a qualified trainer so that you know you are on the right path and then create a plan of action to implement it. With a plan in place, clients usually feel more empowered, positive and motivated about reaching their goal. The next step is then to ensure you have the right support network to help you stick to the plan. For many of my clients, my online training app is a great way for them to remain accountable and consistent in their training.

Decide on the right balance for you

I'm acutely aware of what it takes for my own body to become very lean. I now have tried and tested methods for this and have created 'a formula' that I can simply implement and see results. I know it works. Having done this a fair few times for competition, I have first hand experience of exactly what it takes to reach these low body fat percentages and to be honest, these days I actually choose live at a higher, but still healthy, body fat percentage in order to have more balance in my life. Of course part of this for me still includes clean eating and being active every day, but the point is, for your overall health and well-being, including your mental state, it can sometimes be better to be 24% body fat and happy, than 5% and miserable!

Enough of my ramblings today...off for a walk!

Train smart everyone


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