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Don't forget your mates

These last few months my lovely neighbour has been popping round two evenings a week to join in on my garage-based training sessions.

It all started when I realised that the only time my husband works out is when he has company (he's a real sociable kind of guy so 'fun and friends' are high priority). I started training with him after our little one went to bed as he was having concerns for his fitness.

Shortly after we started this, my neighbour, who is getting married in three months showed an interest in our sessions and we all thought it might be a great way to help boost her fitness and get her into the best shape of her life for her wedding and so three of us became training buddies.

The result has been great... all three of us NEVER MISS A SESSION. We've also found that if one or all of us is tired after a long day, being around your mates helps to spur us on and ensures that all three of us make it to the end of the session. Recently too we've added in some more partner and team work stuff to the sessions which has made for added giggles in the workouts. Our friendship has grown, our fitness has developed and we all sleep more soundly at night after the workouts. Win!

With winter upon us, darker evenings and the cold weather it can make it more challenging to drag yourself to the gym and opportunities for outside play become a little harder to find. So if you find yourself struggling, why not team up with mates to help keep you active. The chances are some of them are in the same boat too!

Here are a few ways you could team up with your mates to help you both stay consistent and honest in your training:

  • Active catch ups - Instead of coffee catch ups, arrange to meet at the gym, or go for a walking coffee catch up

  • Create a points system - 1 point for each hour of resistance training, 1 for each 30 min of cardio and 2 points for each clean eating day. When you next catch up the one with the least points has to buy the meal/drinks

  • Stay accountable - Agree on your gym times and text each other before and after to keep yourselves accountable.

  • Consider two-to-one PT - Pairing up with a mate for your PT sessions helps split the cost making it more affordable, you get to see your friend an extra time each week, plus it helps to add a new, fun dimension to your sessions. You'd be surprised at how much harder you manage to work with the extra support (and competition)!

If semi-private PT is something you might be interested in, drop me a line and I can tell you more about how it can work for you.

Train smart everyone!


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