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How YOU can have your Personal Trainer with you EVERY session

Have you ever been in the gym working through your exercise program and totally forgotten what an exercise was? How fabulous would it be to have your PT on hand WHENEVER it suits YOU to show you what that exercise was? That's if you haven't forgotten your piece of paper with you program on in the first place that is!

Consider too, how helpful it would be to have, in the palm of your hand, not only access to your program with exercise demos, but also to know exactly what weight you lifted last time and for how many reps so that you can push to beat it this time, even by just 1 rep or 1 kg? You'd be smashing your goals in no time!

As a Personal Trainer, I'd love nothing more than to be with you for every session to give you all of this. However, alas, this is often not possible either because of scheduling conflicts, your other commitments or financial priorities. Not one to give up easily, I'm pleased to tell you about my exclusive online training tool that will offer us the solution to all of these common training problems.

Progress faster with online training

I'm pleased to announce the launch of my exclusive membership to my online training centre! Available either as a standalone package, or as part of a blended program with your face-to-face personal training sessions. So how will training online help you?

  • Convenient – Gain the fitness guidance you need, when you need it, from your phone.

  • Cost-effective – Be trained by a highly qualified Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face PT.

  • Everything in one place – Cardio workouts, full body workouts, mobility, core and more. No more lost gym programs!

  • Scheduled workouts – Know what sessions to do on what days via your calendar.

  • Accountability – Stay on track thanks to little workout reminders that pop up on your phone.

  • Video library – High-quality videos of each exercise with step-by-step instructions.

  • Real-time tracking – Track and monitor body stats, progress photos, personal bests and fitness assessments to give you a 360 degree view of your progress.

  • View past workouts – See all the completed reps, sets, and weights used for past workouts.

  • Nutritional guidelines – Macro ratios and nutritional goals are set by your trainer, then connect to MyFitnessPal™ to make it even easier for you to log your meals and track your nutritional intake.

  • Connect anytime – Build a strong relationship with me, your trainer and be a part of our online community though the in-app messaging, video calls, and notifications to really spark your motivation.

What a way Personal Training has come!

Why not give it a go and see how online training can help get closer to your goals. Contact me now to start your free trial.


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