Should I be avoiding fruit sugar?

April 8, 2015

I find it really interesting when people ask me about whether it's okay to eat fruit - a question that's stemmed from all the info out there on the negative effects of sugar on the body. Low-sugar is definitely a good way to go to avoid spikes in insulin throughout the day. But do we really need to be concerned with the sugar in fruit?


Here's my take on it, having chatted to a few nutritionists on the subject:

  • Yes fruit has sugar, but it has a whole heap of good stuff in it that your body needs (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants)

  • Some fruit contains more sugar than others so if you are particularly concerned about this you could go for lower sugar options such as berries, rather than high sugar options like mango.

  • It is the glycaemic load that's the most important so unless you are going to chow down on 5 bananas and a whole melon in one sitting, then the good of the nutrients is likely to outweigh the 'bad' of the sugar

  • You can further lower the Glycaemic index of the meal by adding in some fat or protein such as a dollop of full fat yoghurt or a handful of nuts. This will reduce your insulin spike.

  • During my 17 years in the fitness industry to-date, I've not once had a client come to me needing weight/fat loss who's only intake of sugar came solely from fruit. There has always been much bigger dietary issues to deal with first.

I hope that helps offer some perspective on the discussion!




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