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How Rebekka Dropped Two Dress Sizes

Hi I'm Rebekka Costello, a 28 year old emergency nurse. I work a mixture of hours on no fixed schedule and my job can see me walk up to 14,000 steps in a 12 hour shift. I slipped a disc in my lower back lifting a patient in 2014 and have struggled with Lower back pain since, an occupational hazard!

I am pretty active I do lots of competitive sailing on keel boats including sailing around the harbour, costal and off-shore sailing. I am always trying to “keep up with the boys”. Last year I ran a half marathon but didn't quite achieve my time goal as I struggled with a knee injury and ongoing back pain.

I have dabbled with gym over the years - lots of time around cardio machines but I was afraid of getting into the weight lifting which felt like the “Boys Club” of the gym. I had spent the last year, on and off, doing Pilates, but never really had the staying power or any particular goals. I have a short attention span and motivation is something I struggle with especially when I don't really have a routine and usually work 12 hour shifts.

What were your goals?

I joined Snap Fitness in July 2015 as I was feeling lumpy and unfit! It was 6 months until my wedding and I wanted to feel amazing on my big day. I also had started sailing on a new super-charged yacht and I was really struggling with my strength and fitness and was definitely not keeping up with the boys! It was 5 months until a big yacht race and I wanted to be in top shape for this. So basically I struggled with time and motivation and wanted to get fit, toned and strong.

What had held you back?

I really needed help making a plan around shift work, also I felt that spending some money made me more accountable to my goals. I had an idea of what machines and what exercises trained which muscles, but I needed a clear plan and something sort of new... achievable, measurable goals!

Why enlist Kate’s help?

I saw Kate's profile up on the gym wall. Her bio sounded just right and I was super-impressed with her competing in the Commonwealth Games! I gave her a call, left a message and she replied very quickly. I was really just after a price but immediately Kate was asking all the right questions. She was so positive and enthusiastic and we agreed to our first session. Kate emailed me a questionnaire and a food diary to bring to our first session.

Describe your sessions

Our first session was really an assessment of where I was at. She took some measurements, did some fitness testing and took me for a run on the treadmill. Kate noticed my gait was off. I mentioned that I had a painful knee and so she took a video of me running and sent it off to a sports physician. She showed me some exercises to help improve my muscles around my knee and by the end of month one I was pain free

Our sessions (weekly) were a really great mix of going over my personalised program and the butt-kicking circuit sessions I had requested with once-monthly measurements (something I dreaded initially and started looking forward to at the end!).

During training if something hurt we stopped and Kate would alter the exercise to ensure I was getting the best out of it. She really makes sure my technique is spot on. We did many exercises I had never thought of - so much variety, lifting weights, plyometrics, Pilates and even carrying things around the gym! Within weeks my back pain had gone and I was really nailing my goals!

This is just an overview so you can understand what type of training we did and how it can make you feel.

How was Kate different?

Kate is such a motivation. She is kind and sweet and totally tough, she always pushes me beyond what I think I can do. She has a massive wealth of knowledge about exercises, nutrition and just general health. Every now and then Kate sends me text messages to double check the that I'm sticking to my plan and keeps me accountable to my goals. Kate has developed an online facility for me to track my workouts and logs my measurements. It's been an awesome resource to have on my phone when I have been away from home so I can keep up my training, and she can see what I have been up to.

Goal achieved?

Totally! I am fitter stronger, and feel awesome I have no aches or pains and I have so much more energy than I have ever had. I had my first wedding dress fitting in August and ordered a size 12. By December it was altered to a size 8!


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