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Yesterday I watched a live stream of the Oceania Weightlifting Champs and Rio Olympic Qualifying event. It was the Women's U48 kg class and I was particularly interested in the Australian lifter whom I know well and competed against many times. This was her last chance to secure herself a place at the Olympics after a long and tough 4 years.

Unfortunately in the space of the 15 mins she would have spent on the platform her hopes of fulfilling that dream dissolved as she failed to reach the total she needed, however she did walk away with a gold medal. Watching this reminded me of my own journey to each of 3 Commonwealth Games. It's a long journey filled with hard work, tough decisions and many sacrifices for both the athlete as well as those close to them.

Earlier this month we also found out that both Groomsmen at our wedding, who were in the midst of their own Olympic Sailing Campaign for Rio also failed to be selected.

Despite the obvious disappointment that all three of these athletes would have felt, the risk of this happening is just a part of Sport. Have the last 4 years been wasted for them? Will they bounce back? The key will be in how they viewed their build-up. Their goal was the same - a spot (or even a medal) at the Rio Olympics, however the journey is where the great things happen and the same is true for anyone who has or has ever had a fitness goal.

For these athletes, the last 4 years will have seen them travel to many countries, meet some fabulous people and make some great memories. They will have challenged their bodies, their perceptions and their beliefs of what is possible. Their confidence, ability, strength and skill will all have developed as they accomplished goal after goal along the way. The same will be true for you if you learn to enjoy and appreciate your own fitness journey and all the amazing things it can offer you along the way rather than always just focusing on the end result.

Train smart everyone!


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