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Your typical days isn't typical at all

I often ask people to talk about the foods they eat on a ‘typical’ day, but when we actually do a spot check on a real day’s eating, we find that in fact most of the days are a few steps away from their ‘typical’ day. I'll be honest, I'm no different.

You saw last week what 4 PTs ate for a day. I was one of those (did you guess which was me? The Marmite on toast might have given it away, seeing as I eat breakfast chosen my my 2 year old each day!). As I had the idea for this post, I actually started by writing down a typical day's eating for me and then tracked the following 4 days. Only one of those following 4 days matched my 'typical' day. On one day I had a glass of red wine, on another day I was caught off guard without lunch and ordered a Pitta Pit salad and another I was still hungry after a meal so had a bit of peanut butter on carrot sticks (yep, not quite MacD, but you get the idea).

We all have an idea of what we should be eating, in fact some of you would put a fair few Personal Trainers to shame with the knowledge you have about diet and nutrition, but in reality what we think we eat on a daily basis may only happen once every three or four days, or less perhaps. But it is what we do on a consistent basis that will determine our body composition and health.

A person that has become out of shape, overfat and ‘unhealthy’ hasn’t gotten there overnight. It is the lifestyle choices they have made, either consciously or subconsciously, on a consistent basis over many months or years that has gotten them there. Similarly, those who are strong, lean, fit and healthy have made consistent choices of a different nature over many months or years. An overfat person eating a ‘healthy’ meal once a week and then relaxing their health standards the rest of the week by way of a reward is not going to see a change in body composition. Similarly if you’re at your ideal body fat percentage and eat out once a week, you’re not going to suddenly put on kgs of fat.

So what's the answer? The key is in behaviour change and taking positive steps towards that and then repeating this over and over again until this becomes your norm.

Train smart everyone!


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